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We give our best to make the gameplay interesting and pleasing for every player. The Game process is regulated by the Game Rules and the conditions of End User License Agreement.


The following is forbidden and punishable with bans:

  1. abuse, coarse language (in messages, account names and otherwise);
  2. spam (messages containing incoherent symbols and empty messages are considered as spam);
  3. conspiracy of a group of people aimed at obtaining in-game advantages that contradict the Rules, as well as use of robot programs of third-party developers in the Game;
  4. advertising;
  5. financial fraud;
  6. disrespectful attitude toward the Administration.

You can report another player to the Administration for the use of coarse language, personal insult, spam or advertising by sending a screenshot that proves the breach of the Rules to or by indicating the player's nickname and the time of the respective game session.

If the report is reasonable, your opponent can be banned for 1-7 days. In case of multiple reports from many players, the violator’s account can be banned permanently.

In case of unreasonable reporting other players, you can get a warning. In case of consistent unreasonable reporting of other players, you can be banned for 1-7 days. Warnings are also made for insignificant violations of the Game Rules.