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You can order your hero where to go by right clicking any spot on the map. To attack an enemy, right click on the target. You can see your hero's panel at the bottom of the screen. Right above this panel positive and negative effects cast on your hero are displayed. The green bar indicates the hero's health, and the blue one shows mana.


Above the health bar, on the left there are the skill icons. Skills are special abilities your Hero can apply in the battle. To see the description of the skills, hover your mouse over the icons. The first level unlocks only the first skill assigned to the Q key, next levels will unlock new skills and improve the unlocked ones. Each skill level is marked by a small square depicted below the skill.

Skills bar.jpg

In order to use a skill click its icon on the panel or press the corresponding key on the keyboard:

Key Description
Q first skill, available from the very start;
W second skill, available upon receiving the second level;
E last skill, available upon receiving the 5th level.

The skill window will not be active if (а) there's not enough mana (b) the skill is on cooldown (c) the skill is not unlocked yet (the Hero's level is insufficient). If your Hero has been blocked by adversary's skills, its own skills will be temporarily unavailable, which will be indicated as bars on their icons. Besides, there are some hotkeys available in the game:

Key Description
1,2,3,4 drink corresponding potions;
A makes the Hero attack a nearby target;
S makes the Hero stop;
I opens and closes the Hero's inventory;
O switches on/off full screen mode;
J activates joker animation;
K activates dance animation;
M mute;
R additional skill from a set;
<Tab> show current player statistics;
<ESC> open the menu;
<Space> or F1 centers camera on the Hero;
F6 hide options interface;
F7 fix/unfix camera.

Chat in the arena

Key Description
<Enter> open team's chat;
<Shift>+<Enter> open game chat;