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How can I rename my Hero?

In order to rename a Hero, click its name in the upper right corner and type in a new name.


How can I make a screenshot and send it to developers in case a mistake is found?

  1. Press the button PrintScreen (PrtScr) on the keyboard.
  2. Open any graphic editor, or example: PAINT, File - New, Edit - Insert, File - Save as.
  3. Upload your picture on any file hosting - http://imageshack.us// - as an example.
  4. Copy the picture link and paste it into your message.
  5. Send your message to support@goldenrush.org

Why do I need to increase the shop prestige?

The higher your shop prestige, the better artifacts it sells as well as those you find during battles.

How can I write to other players during a battle?

In order to write to your teammates, press <Enter> and type in your message.

In order to write to all players, press <Shift>+<Enter> and type in the text.