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At the end of each game sessions, players are shown the statistic table from which you can send friend requests to other players of the session. Simply click the green plus signs:


Shall the player accept your request, you will become game friends and will be displayed in each other's chat list in the Shop. It will also enable you to team up with other friends for a battle. At that, each time your team places first or second, you will be awarded 1 friend point if you had any friends in your team. For collecting the friend points, you must choose a hero first you would like to unlock. You can do so in the description window of the desired hero. The friend points are displayed in the upper right corner of the Shop:


Accumulated friend points can be used for unlocking new heroes. The points can be also easily reassigned between yet unlocked heroes.


For players' convenience, there is an in-built chat in the Shop which can be used for adding friends and teaming up with them for battles.


1. Adding friends

To add a friend, go to the chat tab Search. In the line "Enter ID", you will need to type in your friend's ID number, as specified in the respective tab of his own.


After that your friend will be sent a notification about the friend request. Having accepted the friend will appear in your contact list.


You can also send a friend request by clicking the "+" sign in the game sessions statistics.

2. Sending messages

In order to send messages, click the player's name and enter your text in the lower field of the chat. Send the message by clicking the arrow in the lower right corner.


3. Teaming up

You can invite friends from your contact list to join your team. To do so, choose a player's name in the Friends tab and click the plus sign on the green flag next to it.


An invitation to join the team can be sent only to those players who are currently online. Players can be members of only 1 team at any given time. In order to enter the battle field as a team, the initiator of the group must click the button Play on the upper Shop panel. Shall one of the teammates leave the game after battle, the group will disband.

4. Deleting friends

In order to delete a fried for your contact list, hover the mouse over player's picture and click the X sign in the lower right corner. After that the player will be deleted from your friend list.