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There are two types of arenas where players encounter the challenge of collecting a set amount of gold or treasure chests before the enemy team does. Although the task seems to be pretty easy, but when stepping onto the arena, your hero will face many monsters and foes on it's way. You can select the arena you'd like to play in, by clicking the button Select map in the upper area of the screen.


By winning game sessions in the arena of any type, you can obtain Black Gems:

  • each player of the team placed first gets 15 BG.
  • each player of the team placed second gets 10 BG.
  • each player of the team placed third gets 5 BG.

Garden of heroes

Victory conditions - one of the teams has collected 30 000 gold or captured all 4 towers.

Do you believe in legends and stories, myths about great sovereigns and their glorious victories? One of such legends tells about a land where constant confrontation goes on. Many a song has been created about great victories, and many a tear has been shed for defeats.

Immortal gods watch attentively how battles go on on the Garden arena. They reward great warriors and punish cowards and traitors! Only the most reckless daredevils are not afraid of the challenge when life is at stake! Sticky fog would often descend upon the arena as if trying to cover the field where another bloodshed had just ended with a thin mist. How many deaths has this land seen? How many times rain has wailed for dead? How many lost souls of killed heroes has the fog buried, both humans and monsters? If you think you can escape the same fate - welcome to the Garden of Heroes, and let the strongest one win!

There are a few ways to earn gold:

1. Capture towers:

  • To capture a tower you need to stand in its capture range, right next to the tower itself for a few seconds.
  • The progress of capturing will be shown by yellow sectors covering the capture range one by one.
  • The more towers you possess, the longer it takes you to capture teh next one. A captured tower fires at all moving targets in its attack range, except the players from the team it belongs to.
  • If an enemy Hero enters the tower's capture range while it is being captured, the process stops. In such case you have to kill the enemy Hero and start capturing the tower again.
  • The color of tower's icon on the minimap and the color of the flag abbove each tower shows which team it belongs to.
  • A tower can be captured by players at any time.
  • Each tower scores its team a certain amount of gold every 5 seconds.

2. Kill enemies:

You can get about 500 for each killed enemy. The amount of the reward depends on the difference between Hero's levels and the session statistics.


3. Slay monsters:

  • There are 12 monster camps on the map
  • They appear on the map once in a few minutes.
  • When a team captures a tower, a few camps next to it become visible to the team.
  • The monsters become stronger and the reward for slaying them increases depending on the level of the camp.
  • There are toddling monsters on the field – they give little gold, it is impossible to collect gold and win just by killing them.

4. Kill the Golden Frog:

  • At a certain time, a Golden Chest sign appears on the minimap, indicating that the Golden Frog has entered the game and now wonders the battle field. When attacked, the Golden Frog drops gold you can pick up. In this way you can score you much more gold than slaying monsters. Usually, the Frog moves very slowly, but at some point it makes a huge long-distance leap. Try to use immobilizing skills to make your attacks on the Golden Frog last longer. You will be able to get more gold out of it in this ways.
  • When killed, the Golden Frog leaves behind a chest containing more gold than those in monster camps.
  • The Golden Frog is visible to ALL players, and killing it is crucial for the victory. Try to seize its chest faster than other players do.

5. Chests:

  • Every now and then monster camps are marked by chest icons on the minimap. Those are the camps where you can get a chest by killing the biggest monster.
  • Any player can pick up a chest. After you've slain monsters, make sure no one is attacking you, because you cannot claim a chest when under attack. Kill your attackers and try again to pick up the chest by right clicking it.

6. Kill the Dragon:

  • When killed, the Dragon leaves behind spheres and gold. If picked up it will considerably boost your stocks.

Dragon's Lair

Dragon 01.png

Victory conditions - one of the teams has collected 12 chests around its Tower. The world of dungeons in the Golden Lands is a scary one. Darkness, horror, and death reign here. Here all living creatures learn only one thing after they are born - killing. They spend all their lives improving this cruel art to cut an enemy's throat in one quick leap and drink his hot blood. There's no place for mercy and compassion here. The weak do not survive. Neither do fools. They all perish in the first minutes or often even seconds of their lives... Those who were brave enough to enter this arena learn how to be invisible. They learn how to be dodgy. They learn how to become even quicker and stronger. Those who achieved perfection in their art can dare visit the Dragon's Lair..

There are severals ways of how to collect chests:

1. Chests in camps:

  • constantly check the monster camps. If any chests appear there, they will be marked on the minimap:
  • in the monster camps, you can also find a treasure map. Pick it up to have the position of other chests on the map revealed to you.
Karta skarbiv.png
  • right click a chest to pick it up.

2. Golden Frog:

  • when attacked Golden Frog drops chests. In this way, experienced players can score up to 4 chests before the Frog dies.

3. Chests from under enemy Towers:

  • one of the ways to obtain chests with gold is stealing them from under an enemy Tower. The easiest way to do so, would be to apply the wisp.
  • your team can also make a foray on an enemy tower and while the tower is aiming for your teammates you can try to pick up the chests around it.
  • upon death the Dragon drops a magical skull. Whoever picks it up, becomes the Bone Dragon. When attacked by a Tower, the Bone Dragon doesn't get thrown away, althoug it loses its health. The Bone Dragon is incapable of picking up chests. That's why it shall be accompanied by other team members.